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Industrial Racks
Industrial Racks are made of stainless steel and are functional as the cantilever and loading shelves. These heavy duty slotted storage systems are apt for all types of industrial places.
Storage Racks
The Storage Racks are suited for pallets and have a length and height range of 1800 - 2700 mm and 4000 - 6000 mm. These are suited for industrial storage applications.
Mesh Pallet
The Mesh Pallets are apt to be used in supermarkets, pharmaceutical shops, factories, hospitals, grocery stores etc. These have 500 Kg Capacity and 700 mm height.
Industrial Work Table
Industrial Work Tables are used for doing heavy duty works such as inspection or some other. These aid in the assembling work and are made of strong stainless steel.
Metal Trolleys
Made of Mild Steel, Metal Trolleys have four wheels for their flawless and fuss free movement. Also used for railway workshops, some of these are hydraulic trolleys.
Metal Cupboards
The Metal Cupboards are capable to be used in offices, hospitals, workplaces, houses, for the storage of several small and medium sized objects.  These portioned products have a width of 954 mm.
Metal Boxes
The Metal Boxes are suited for home and commercial usages and make the storage easier. These can be kept in houses, offices and are also apt for industries.
Industrial Shed
Industrial Sheds are functional as the factory sheds and are also suitable for vehicle and car parking. These panels build and hot build cabins are prefabricated structures.
Industrial Roofing Sheds
The Industrial Roofing Sheds are offered in thickness range of 6-22 mm and 25 Feet height. Suited for industrial keepings, these are panel built structures, capable to beat weather impacts.
Scaffolding Steel Planks
The Scaffolding Steel Planks ensure easy installation, durability, light-weight and rust resistance. Made of steel, these ensure high strength and robustness. These are highly functional for all scaffolding works.
Structural Works
The Structural Works are the reliable services provided by us. The materials we use are of stainless steel, which has powder coating on it. Our work is executed within the height range of 20 to 30 feet height.

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